Because boring is bad for business

Turn boring buyer emails into big money πŸ’°

Get a year's worth of viral emails to 2x sales to your best buyers or it's free – in only 25 minutes (no joke!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)


bangers emailed to begging buyers this week



Weeks of emails


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Lols & OMGs

I've tried a ton of email & copywriting agencies & I'll never go back. Unboring's my go-to for killer emails that sell like he!! with the sales superpowers my team needs.
Shiela F.

Chief Marketing Officer


Banish Boring Emails

before they trash your reputation

That ding πŸ””, alert says "From: ACME Corp"

BAM! instant annoyance explosion πŸ’£πŸ’₯ (Wile E. Coyote style)

You like liked the brand but just can't take 'em junking up your inbox again

"Their reputation gets more trash with every email I trash..."

And you never buy from them again 😭😭


"Unreal ROAS!! We've always just fed the FB ad monster and never gave email a real try but skyrocketing ad costs made us take a gamble - now I only wish we did it sooner!"

Cedric C. // Ecom founder

Viral Emails Work For Any Business – Here's Why

Rule #1: first attention, then sales (aka influence). Why email? Because it's BORING. So when you bring all the unboringness that goes viral on social to the dusty old inbox, YOU steal all the inbox attention. You're welcome.

If you sell stuff & have customer emails, we'll (at least) 2x your email sales or it's free – it's really that simple. Keep your same email system & database, we hand you a year's worth of grand slam offers with magic words delivered at exactly the right time.


Send Banger Emails Buyers Beg To Buy From

Rule #2: never be boring & different is better than better (grabs attention).

Stuff your emails full of magic words that spring tears of laughter & they'll spring open your customers' wallets too.

Relax – you know your audience already loves what's in your emails. How? We partner with your industry's top influencers so you get licensed access to their most popular content already proven to please.

Be different, be unboring – it pays better.

6x Profits Selling More To Your Best Buyers

Rule #3: if you don't ask the answer is always no. Your best buyers are the ones you already have! Send more grand slam offers & they'll buy more stuff more often.

FYI studies show it's 6x cheaper to sell to existing buyers than getting new ones (the boring jargony word is remarketing).

Keep burning cash paying to acquire new customers (ads, social, SEO, etc.) or explode profits with a ready to go re-engagement strategy already minting millions for businesses just like yours with email. You choose.

Skyrocket your email sales in only 25 minutes – guaranteed.


Keep Your VIP Superfan Best Buyers Buying Longer

Rule #4: 80% of your money comes from 20% of your buyers (thanks Mr. Pareto).

Keeping your best buyers buying longer (aka reducing churn) is one of the 3 golden rules of sales. The boring term that changes everything is CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) to LTGP (Lifetime Gross Profit). That's the top high score on our leaderboard.

How? Prioritize your VIPs with a Super VIP Club community, tiered loyalty memberships, win back & retention strategies, exclusive email only bonuses, offers, discounts, giveaways & they'll take good care of your bank account forever.

We also deploy the latest video game tactics (called gamification) to make sure your emails are just as habit-forming. It's your unfair advantage to power up promotions, level up sales & beat that final email sales boss once & for all.


"I used to think email didn't work anymore & couldn't compete with TikTok and all that. Turns out I was just boring!" Unboring turned email into one of our most consistently profitable sales channels."

Stacey P. // Digital entrepreneur

How it works

Here's how you'll make suitcases full of stacked hundos πŸ’Έ with viral emails in about 25 minutes


1. Buy now & skip the wait or talk to an actual human

Buy now & consider your email sales problem solved as of this instant (feeling better already, right?). Îf you've got products to sell & already send boring emails to past buyers we're confident we can 2x your email sales in under 6 months or it's free. Sound fair enough?

Want to talk first? Book a quick 25 minute call to discuss details.

Remember: test then invest. A couple clients (we call 'em VIP members) told us a pretty smart idea – they got started by gambling just a fraction of 1 month of their paid ad or SEO budget on an entire year of unboring emails. (I didn't tell 'em it works because it's 6x cheaper to sell more to an existing buyer than pay to get a new one – technically called CAC but that sounds awfully boring).

Now they're unboring email evangelists! See what they're saying here β†’

  • If you already send boring emails to buyers we're confident we can supercharge sales

  • Digital businesses, memberships & more

  • Ecommerce & D2C

  • Brick & mortar

  • Corporate

  • Franchises & multi-locations

  • We ❀️ big lists & we cannot lie πŸ˜†

2. We kickstart 12 months of everything email & you DIY it

On a quick call we'll learn your business's vibe, goals, baselines, KPI's & more. Give us about a week & we'll give you back a complete package to meet (& hopefully exceed) your email sales goals & KPI's (aka Key Performance Indicators) all for one flat rate including our famous Worry-Free Guarantee & Price For Life Promise.

You get 52 weeks of grand slam offers & magic words to turn browsers into buyers on autopilot. Your entire year's worth of emails comes ready to load into your existing email machine (aka Email Service Provider) & schedule in advance to send on autopilot to your existing buyer list (aka email database).

We'll even hang around for a month or so in case anything needs tweaks or your team has any questions. Don't worry, you'll never be alone – the whole idea is that we both win bigger together (Avengers style).

If you're the "I've never even sent emails to my buyers before" type & need help setting up an email system, join our annual plan & we'll set it all up for free.

  • Complete package to achieve goals & KPI's

  • Attention-grabbing words (copywriting)

  • Hilarious memes & eye-catching images

  • Grand slam offers & email-only bonuses

  • Weekly nurture emails plus special offers

  • Fun gamification like spin to win discounts, giveaways, loyalty rewards & much more

  • Schedule the year's emails in the email system you already use

  • Use your existing email database

  • Unlimited tweaks & coaching for 30 days


3. Get popular content your audience already ❀️s from your industry's top influencers plus new profit exploding products

Speaking of what's in the emails (aka the creative), there's all kinds of smiles-for-miles stuff. Our superpower (boring word is USP or unique selling proposition) is licensing trending tips, videos, etc. from your industry's top influencers (through our parent company Legend Media β˜…).

Imagine: you're a pet industry business & your emails feature a top tip video from a certain famous suave celebrity Spanish-speaking dog trainer that they already love on TV, Netflix, YouTube & read all his books? That's an unboring email they'll race to read (& buy from). Details here β†’

After we've hijacked attention we turn browsers into buyers with grand slam offers for your own products plus BDA products (everything they buy Before During & After they buy from you). When they click the link to buy it from you instead, you get paid a % without doing any work (boring word is affiliate commission). Now you can print unlimited cash & explode profits – this extra $ could easily 10x profitability & 2x the valuation of your business when you go to sell it (yes we help with that too). But let's not get ahead of ourselves...

  • We partner with top influencers in your industry for content your audience already loves

  • We create new revenue streams for you

  • Explode profits & business valuation

  • Refer your partners & make a %

  • Sell digital products & make a %

  • Sell affiliate products & make a %

  • More revenue streams = more valuable biz

See what your unboring emails could look like πŸ‘‡

4. If you want, we'll supercharge your email sales all year long

A lot of our VIP members like the simplicity of letting us continually optimize their buyer emails so sales keep going up. Their #1 problem is buying enough mattresses to stash all that extra cash we keep making 'em.

Our optional annual plan is simple & zero risk for you – we work our magic & keep a small part of every extra dollar we make you ($1,000 monthly minimum). If we don't hit our agreed-upon sales & KPI goals, you don't pay us until we do.

For our VIP member annual plan we only accept clients we’re confident we can get jaw-dropping results. If it's a fit, we'll go over the fine print during your kickstart launch.

  • We sell for you & make a performance pay %

  • If we don't hit sales goals you don't pay us

  • Start with the 12 month kickstart program 

  • We continuously analyze & optimize emails

  • Max out Opens, Clicks, Conversions, Revenue

  • Monthly performance reports & analytics

  • Regular strategy meetings to adjust & tweak

  • Free email system set up if you need it

  • Price For Life Promise – you'll never pay more until you pause your plan

  • Exclusive annual plan VIP member perks 


"We never counted on emails to make sales. Mostly because I never sent any. Mostly because we never have anything to say. That's why I love that they take care of the content & everything else. Now we just count more boring cash!"

Dr. Neili P. // Private Practice Partner


Legends πŸ†

superpowered email sales with influencers

The no-brainer blueprint for banger emails that print $

Grab attention with the viral videos, memes & more your buyers already love. We snag the top trending social posts & stuff them into your emails. Your audience gets "top tips" edutainment content from the name brand influencers they already trust. You get an instant reputation boost & always fresh content without the work. Win win win!

Plus you get instant access to sell their premium products. For our pet business example – your buyers are already buying [Influencer Name Here]'s Dog Training Academy membership from someone else. Now they can buy it from you & you make a % of every sale with zero extra work. Sound good? Thought so.

Here's how it works

  • We partner with top influencers in your industry

  • You feature their licensed content in your emails

  • You get access to sell their physical & digital products

  • Instantly boost attention, reputation & new revenue streams

  • Our top VIP members get exclusive access to Legend Alliance for networking, experiences, masterminds & more

  • Available to our annual plan VIP members only

  • Powered by our parent company Legend Media β˜… 

"The very first offer we ran more than paid for the whole year. Best thing I've ever done for my business so far!"


"Awesome - love the emails! We get so many replies since we started. I just email them back, say hi & they buy. It works"


"Lovin' it. I even look forward to getting my own emails now because I know our clients will be talking about it!"


"Just what I needed! It's really hard to find (& keep) awesome copywriters (& AI ain't all that)! Not anymore!!"


"I'm actually kind of embarassed. Totally missed a ton of gold hiding in my business FOR YEARS! Just glad I finally found someone to make my emails make money"


"WOW. Could say a whole lot more, but why? JUST DO IT."



Turn banger emails into your secret sales weapon!


An entire year of emails designed to surprise & delight

$4,479 $2,997

one time investment

Done For You annual plan available

Everything your team needs for an entire year of making crazy money with crazy awesome emails

FYI to keep it a premium experience we only launch 5 new VIP Members a week. Get on the wait list now! We might be launching your competition later today 😳

  • Pays For Itself From Day 1 Or It's Free

  • Quick 25 Minute Call Starts It All

  • An Entire Year Of Buyer Emails

  • Strategy Plus Calendar Plus Content

  • Send Emails Buyers Beg To Open

  • Sell More To Your Best Buyers

  • New Revenue Streams With Zero Work

  • Content From Popular Influencers

  • Fun Gamification & Giveaways

  • VIP Club Loyalty Rewards

  • Worry-Free Guarantee

  • Price For Life Promise

  • Influencers Trust Us To Do Their Emails

  • More $ Now & Sell Biz For More $ Later

Need us? Get in touch!

Who are we?

We're one of the Legend Ventures 🌊 digital startups, which means we're the same team a bunch of influencers trust to do their emails too. Give me a shout any time!

You're only one unboring email away πŸ’₯

– Daniel Bennett

Text Me Any Time πŸ‘‡ (or voicemail?)


Why email? Isn't that so boring?

Haha YES!!! Guess it's job security.

Think about what makes you lol & frantically forward that hilarious meme or social media post to a friend.

We bring all that viral unboringness to your business's emails!

On social there's so much noise, you have almost no hope of grabbing attention & getting noticed 😭.

But when you bring all that OMG to the boring old inbox – you get noticed like a fart in church. But in a good way?!

Plus we just love email for so many reasons.

A big one is you can reach 100% of your audience every time without paying Markie Zuckerberg or any of the rest of those money-grubbing social media rascals.

Here's what a bunch of our VIP members told us they did to test then invest (I think that sounds pretty smart – you?)

Take a fraction of one month of your paid ad budget, get an entire year's worth of awesome emails & you'll be an email evangelist too.

What kind of emails do you do?

You know, the kind of emails your business coach or marketing team tells you you need to be sending once a week to stay on your best buyers' radar.

And, if you're like 83% of businesses, you don't do it.

And if you're like the other 17%, those emails are an afterthought task you gave the intern to set up ages ago.

This is exactly why your inbox is as boring as it is. BUT THAT'S GOOD NEWS FOR (THE NEW) YOU!!

Technically they're called nurture sequeneces (borrrring) for brand awareness (yawwwwnnn) and direct response (zzzz) marketing results.

Ever since 1948's Ogilvye On Advertising said it so eloquently, salesmanship in print is how fortunes are made. Direct response marketing experts agree that email can be the most valuable marketing channel (ahem) money-maker for any business if you know what you're doing – or you've got an email expert who does. Well ya just got "your guys" for that!

Email is also the most criminally unloved, unvalued, unused & uninteresting. Think about it – when's the last time you laughed in your inbox?


Tell your marketing team we'll hand them:
β€’ 52 weekly nurture emails
β€’ Special offer emails
β€’ Special occassion emails
β€’ "Haven't seen you in a while" re-engagement emails
β€’ Abandoned cart emails
β€’ Plus exactly when, where, how & why to use them for max money-making

They're all proven to convert because they're modeled after the best banger business offers ever in every industry!

If you must know, these bangers are technically called "controls". We've trained our custom AI army on the highest converting emails & direct response grand slam offers ever sent to unsuspecting victims I mean adoring audiences in the last 100+ years.

We know salesmanship in print still mints millions. Now we're just bringing you along for the joy ride. Ready to roll? Thought so. We are too.

All this sounds too good to be true. Is it?

Well, yes & no. The good news is that we've harnessed our well-trained & good-looking AI robots so we can deliver 10x results 10x faster for 10x less. The final product is still 100% hand-polished by human experts, as you'd expect.

The bad news? Can't think of anything.

So I guess it's really win win for you, which is why we're doing all this anyway.

Why would I want the annual plan? Can't I just do it myself?

Of course! That's the whole point. We kickstart your email sales & you're flying free. (Just remember us Christmas)

But our VIP members know that buying money at a discount is about the best deal there is.

They like us hauling in stacks of cash every month & breaking us off our share of crisp ones for our troubles.

They know that because all we do is sell with email & we work in tons of different industries, we see what's working best RIGHT NOW to make mega money and bring it straight to boost their business.

We usually become their biggest sales superpower πŸ’ͺ, but we're not gonna brag or nothin'.

How does the "2x email sales or it's free" thing work?

It's simple. Our real goal is to 5x (or more) your current revenue directly generated by email. But we try to underpromise and overdeliver.

So if our strategy doesn't hit our 2x minimum goal within 6 months, we'll keep working on it for free until it does (since that's the result you paid for). If we really can't (hasn't happened yet), we'll give 100% money back and know we tried our best.

And if you're a VIP member on our annual plan, any month we don't hit our 2x minimum sales goal you don't pay our minimum.

Sound fair enough?

What's the Worry-Free Guarantee?

You love our work or we keep working until you do. It's that simple.

What's the Price For Life Promise?

Oh our clients (we call 'em VIP members) really love this. We promise that even though our rates go up every 6 months as our skills & connections improve, you never pay a penny more as long as you're a VIP member.

Of course you're always free to pause your membership, but you'll resume at the current rates and your legacy plan will be gone forever.

How does all this unboring stuff make the world a better place?

Glad you asked! A % of every unboring dollar we make goes back to help Legend Foundation change the world with water 🌊. Visit to learn more. 

Email Sales Explosion – Free Starter Course

Steal our best unboring πŸ’₯ email sales advice 

We're not the right fit for everybody, but that doesn't mean the world doesn't need less borrrring emails that make max money. Grab our free course & unboring-ify your buyer emails today! (you can thank us later)

  • Unlock The Secrets of the Core 4 to Sell More With Email

  • (Almost) All Our Best Email Sales Advice

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  • It's Only 3 Minutes A Day – We Can't Make It Any Simpler

  • Start Free, Go Make Some $ Then Come Back & Let's Do This!

  • You're Only One Unboring Email Away πŸ’₯



changing the world with water 🌊

Here's the deal – we're trying to be the MrBeast of water. Crazy?! Of course and we need all the help we can get

A % of every unboring $ gives a swimming pool size of clean water to a thirsty soul who's never drank anything but brown

Why water? well... deep subject (haha dad joke alert). Because my fave things just keep flowing – water & unboring emails – and because we can all do a little more.

Learn more at

Cheers 🍻 & be water 🌊 (thanks Bruce)

– Daniel
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